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PRISM is a WIP solo project started on Monday, ‎June ‎27, ‎2016, at ‏‎7:53 PM, by Eliala. As of the current iteration, Eliala has dedicated over 200 hours of their time into PRISM. This narrative-driven JRPG follows Liana Ciel, an aspiring aeronaut living on the floating isle of Icarium and exploring the Sea of Sky aboard The Jetstream.

Help me find all the bugs and, if you're determined, find a few secret bosses. All issue reports must include a screenshot!

Donate here and I will buy some art!

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You can also download on Steam

Known Issues

  • Terrahn repeats his dialogue in the training fight



  • Terrahn no longer repeats his dialogue in the training fight

VERSION 0.1.2 (current)

  • 2:03am 9-23-2016
  • 264 hours
  • Anette no longer starts in your party
  • certain party members remembered their shoes
  • Khamot battles no longer take place in the void
  • you may now edit all party members' equipment, but cannot leave essential slots empty (torso, main hand, legs, feet)
  • fixed various graphical/text issues


  • 11:55pm 9-21-2016
  • 262 hours
  • fixed various game-breaking issues
  • fixed various graphical/text issues
  • clothed Snowman


  • 9:25pm 9-21-2016
  • 260 hours
  • added a "pay-your-own-price"/donation feature!
  • added a new title screen!
  • added more features to Tutorial Mode!
  • pressing Q will prompt Liana to remind you what their objective is
  • expanded the 2nd area
  • your choices now affect Liana's relationship with other characters
  • added fullscreen capability (Press F5 to toggle)
  • added a credits roll to the title screen
  • removed grandma's infinite fortune
  • the flintlocke is a rifle and requires two hands to wield
  • you can now use shields
  • battle animation time reduced by 30 frames
  • adjusted and added some dialogue to characters in previous areas
  • changed some battle sound effects


  • 1:35pm 9-15-2016
  • 216 hours
  • resolved an issue that erased the sky
  • changed some enemy encounters
  • fixed various minor issues involving collision and graphics


  • 12:30am 9-15-2016
  • 215 hours
  • fixed various minor issues involving collision and graphics
  • removed "Unequip All" feature
  • you may now only edit the accessories of party members other than Liana


  • 5:30pm 9-14-2016
  • 210 hours
  • added a Save feature
  • day cycles no longer last 20 seconds
  • day cycles now last about 2 minutes
  • you can now use the flintlocke to attack
  • the shack on the 2nd area no longer teleports you to the abyss
  • entering Liana's house now longer bugs the day cycle
  • fixed various minor issues involving collision and graphics

More information

Published38 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux
GenreRole Playing
TagsJRPG, Story Rich
Average durationAbout an hour
Player countSingleplayer


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